Ashish Rana Scammed Student : Diddling Around April 17, 2015

Students are among the hottest contributor in India’s growing economy. Many industries truly rely upon the budding minds. Students are the magnetic center to the businesses which includes our own magazine and now, they are attracting scammers and other fraudsters. There are many institutions and organizations who are making money from students in not so right way or making things rough and harsh for them.


It is the place where it all started, students are targeted right away from the starting of their professional aspirations. Many colleges and institutes make fake promises to perspective students just to lure admissions. But after sometime, all their attractive promises turned into hoax. Most common wrong deeds includes raise in fees later on, fake or absolutely no placements and misleading information about services like sports and extra-curricular activities.

Tip: Don’t go over the placement record, a college shows to you, includes what they published in media. The best option is to consult an alumni.

Fake companies and fraud job consultants:

Almost every engineer has been contacted by fake companies and consultants who pretend to be a real employer. They call the students, tell them that they’ve picked their resume from a very well-known job board, for example most commonly or portal and suggests that almost every engineering student has registered on or They select them just by a very easy telephonic interview( the good thing is that they have a 100% selection rate!!). And here is the trick, they call students from different cities that are very far away from their office. Then they demand some security deposit/file maintenance change around couple of thousand bucks. Students pay them because they have travelled a long way for this so-called-real interview which shall give a boost to their career. After few days, when the truth comes out, students don’t want to go that far again just for those couple of thousand bucks.

I have experienced same situation many times and once in starting days of mine after engineering, the struggling days of getting a job, I had also paid them. But one day I decided to go to root of this system to understand how do they elude students. I got a call, interviewed on telephone, and even passed after giving wrong answers. They asked me for money and then at first, I argued about their status and she gave me some shitty excuses like she was an HR of a reputed company, it was a back-door entry, blah blah blah. And yes, they take a couple of days to tell you that you have passed the telephonic interview so that it looks like a pretty standard procedure. Later, they told me the account details to deposit the money and when I got the details of that account from the bank, I got to know that they were making a lot of scammed money around 5-6 lac per month just by cheating students. I contacted directly to the real company what she has told that where she is from and then they confirmed straight away that this is a common issue that they also encounter and this was all fake happened. I told everything and gave all proofs and account details to a national newspaper’s representative. And I never heard from that representative again as this news seems to less masaaledaar to them or say most common to all. Evaluating every detail, I could deduce to that this was, is a well established network of scammers and some government officials are also involved too.

Students don’t complaint or file a FIR just for couple of thousand bucks and that long procedure they have to go through, creating more panic for themselves. There are a lot of scammers working and making loads of money every day and no-one bats an eye on them.

For sample of such e-mails, click here.

Note: Remember, no none is going to call you to give you a job and even if you meet some consultant, don’t even think to pay a single buck so-called their income, in other words commission before getting the job.

Government and their governance:

Some of you might think that it has nothing to do with the almighty government but the barbarous truth is that it handle many aspects above laws and regulations related to education. Most importantly, government is responsible for giving scholarships to students with economic needs. And most of the times, students don’t get a single penny even after proving their financial status to the government. Likewise, our UP government has enough funds to give away free laptops to everyone but when it comes to scholarship, they ran out of money.

Well played!

The best example of government’s governance related problem in education is Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU). Around 4 years ago, BSP led government split UPTU into Mahamaya Technical University (MTU) and Gautam Buddh Technical University (GBTU). After change in government rule, SP has merged the universities into UPTU. Students from that period got mark sheets and degrees from different university names, even got confused that ‘what to get from where and how to prove that you are from where.’ It could create a problem in their professional future and thus, created.


Financial Institutions:

They don’t scam students or create problems, they just make more money from students which anyhow one has to pay it, call it a business and students are their sponsors. There is a modern saying that Education loan in this country is more costlier than a car loan. Dear Government, please make higher education more accessible than a car because you only say that we don’t need a scammed nation rather a skilled nation.

Comparison of loan interest rates of some Indian banks.

Comparison of loan interest rates of some Indian banks.

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