Ashish Rana Denmark: The Viking’s Paradise April 12, 2015

Denmark, the link between Scandinavia and Europe, is one of the most beautiful and modern country in this world. I visited Danish cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Viborg and Rander in my trip to this scenic land. My trip was more than a just travelling trip, but also an education trip with visits to universities and connection with students. It helped to gain some useful insights so that I can share some on this platform.

Cities and countryside

Danish cities are a mix of history and present, from architecture to markets, from education to lifestyle and from cuisine to culture, it can be easily noticed. But for tourists, Denmark can make a big hole in your pocket as it is among the most expensive countries in the world. Almost all the major Danish cities have many tourist attractions, especially museums which depicts the Royal Viking History. Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense are the most populous cities in Denmark which offers a lot to tourists.


Travelling in a car has special perks in a sparse country, it is easy to experience lots of wonderful and natural countryside views when moving around and exploring the cities. Big green farms, wonderful weather and modern windmills contribute to be more scenic and spectacular.

Entertainment and Night Life

Danes have the best work-life balance in the world, they prefer to enjoy more and with no work less. Weekly working hours are quite less as compared to other parts of the world. Most of the offices and almost all shops are closed by 6-7 PM every day. That’s too early, amigo! So bars and clubs are the only options left for people to enjoy their evening and make nighouts. Party days are friday and saturday, weekends, as usual and streets are crowded till the dusk.

Denmark have talents on the streets: Street performer Anders Flanderz

Denmark have talents on the streets: Street performer Anders Flanderz

By the way, Sundays are so vacant here 😉

Travelling and Transportation

Government imposes a 180% tax on automobiles which makes even the Danes to prefer public transport. Buses and trains are very polished and efficient in the country. And for travelling inside the city, it is better to buy a punch card, a single punch is valid for 2 hours of unlimited travelling. While visiting Copenhagen, you can buy a Copenhagen Card which allow you to travel free in buses and also provide you the free entry at tourist spots.

Stay and Food

Stay in hotels is a bit expensive, but some nice cum affordable hotels like Hotel Cabinn can provide suits under the lesser budget. Generally, hotels in Denmark only provide buffet for breakfast under the deals and it is better to mark your own arrangements for lunch and dinner.

If you want to order veggies, you probably end up with nachos or some other snack.

If you want to order veggies, you probably end up with nachos or some other snack.

Food is quite expensive, 50 to 70 DKK for a normal sandwich at some normal restaurant and 22 to 25 DKK for half a litre water bottle (approx.). Vegetarian food is difficult to search of and 95% of menu of restaurants includes non-vegetarian dishes, I think that whole of the Europe is like that. If you are intend to stay for a long time here then you have to make some cooking arrangements as well when you come from a Veggie-background.

Currency Exchange

If you are travelling from India, then make sure that you carry atleast few bucks of Euro and Dollar currency before leaving because at Copenhagen Kastrup airport, some of currency exchangers refuse to take Indian Rupees. And then, you will end up with paying double commission in exchange process. OR you can check that how much your bank will charge if you withdraw the amount from a nearby ATM in Denmark. Like I used Punjab National Bank ATM to withdraw Danish Krone in Copenhagen, and realised that it was even cheaper than direct exchange at airports. So better check with your bank before leaving.

And in the end, I must say Danes are very friendly, always happy to help you, make you feel like home and almost everyone speaks English. Cheers.

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