Vipul Kumar Ornament Alloy Wheels Smashed. A Latent Safety Issue? A Failure with a Disguise? March 30, 2015

Mahindra XUV5OO : The global SUV by the Indian SUV giant Mahindra and Mahindra, has left no stones unturned to impress the probable buyers and the results have been fruitful too. This SUV has nearly revolutionized the segment by providing the performance and features those are unavailable in SUV’s even a segment higher, but there is a flipside of the story too. Since the day of its launch, Mahindra XUV5OO has been facing several recalls and some minor electronic glitches, what’s good is that Mahindra and Mahindra is again leaving no stone unturned in keeping its customers happy and is pro actively solving every single issue and they are doing it well too. Way to go Mahindra!

XUV5OO is basically available in 4 variants ranging from base W4 to top of the line W8 AWD. Out of the 4 variants, the W4 and W6 variants do come with steel wheel rims while the top of the line W8 and W8 AWD variants do come with the OEM alloy wheel rims. The alloys we are discussing here are not the OEM alloys those one can witness in the top end variants, but these are the ones which Mahindra is offering as an accessory for the lower variants at a hefty price. These alloys are also knows as ‘speed alloys’ and anyone buying a W4 or W6 variant can have them fitted at any Mahindra dealership by paying their price.


Image Source: Mahindra XUV5OO facebook page


As one can see in the picture posted, the alloy on the car has broken at its disc part at the center. So what’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is that the alloy or any wheel on this earth is not supposed to wreck this way if we consider the designing and safety parameters. As per the owner, the SUV was being driven in the vicinity of 30 kilometers per hour and the road surface is definitely smooth when the alloy wheel wrecked. Any alloy rim cracking at the circumference under hard impact is normal but an alloy rim getting completely wrecked at the hub point definitely raises the eyebrows. Why it shouldn’t indeed? The Naked Truth is that if a wheel gets wrecked in such a fashion, it can result in complete loss of control or even the loss of life in extreme situations.

Although we have tried to contact Mahindra and Mahindra a lot of times regarding the same and they also promptly replied us mentioning that an investigation is under process, so we have a hope with our fingers crossed that the issue will get resolved shortly.

For now, our suggestion for the owners who have these wheels equipped on their SUV to be a bit careful while driving and get in touch with your nearest Mahindra dealer in case you sense something wrong, life of yours as well as your loved ones can’t be risked at all.

Drive safe and always fasten your seat belts.

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