Ayush Garg Why you should not watch Roadies? February 24, 2015

Roadies has been so popular among youth that even before one becomes a Roadie, one says he is a Roadie by heart, by soul, by body or by birth, I guess. Roadies had completed their 11 seasons and now they have headed up their way for the 12th season of it i.e. Roadies X2 accompanied by four judges (just to say they are) who are making their own gangs and rest we will see in coming weekends on MTV; WAIT, we don’t want to see it anymore. But Why? Here I Go:

1: Like HR asks to an interviewee that Why should we hire you? They ask you to do anything that impresses them in 60 secs and see what happens next: Someone dances, show his body skills or give a speech, say please atleast three times then you are a Born-Roadie. Why? Oh yes, there is a judge named Esha Deol, then cool, you are definitely a born-roadie.


2: Tell your problems, struggle or girlfriend issues, bring on some tears, you will get sympathy with a background music. Even they will try to solve your problem like by calling your parents or by telling you that you did right, even if problem doesn’t get solve, they will definitely get TRP for their show. What more they can have from you!

3: They know no one can trouble them because they have hired bouncers for it. So you just can’t write anything in the form or speak out of their comfort zone, even don’t challenge them for anything, because atlast you will only get to hear that “Teri aukaat nahi hai, bataun tujhe abhi” and then SECURITY, take him out, no, THROW HIM OUT.


4: By the way, they say that they take forms very seriously. Really? But what I have mostly seen that they are only interested to know about the person’s sex-life, orientation and yes, moreover what do you prefer who’s good in bed or a millionaire? Are they checking person’s psychology? Okay, might be but Come on, they first need a psychiatrist for themselves, because they just can’t say “having sex” is always her’s choice neither his nor mutual, how can you say that Mr. Rannvijay Singha?

5: There are four judges sitting. One is a Roadie who always aimed to be in army, second is an Actor who always try to flirt with a girl and then goes emotional, third is a boxer who made nation proud, later gotta film and even became an ACP who told a contestant that if you are getting problem in getting your passport, I have links I will get it done for you, not a big deal for me and last but not the least, fourth one is who tried to act in few films, later got married and now became the Roadie judge, a come-back, I guess. Now, can you please tell me that What Is Roadies? Even Raghu had never answered this question.


6: To get into roadies, make a physique, remove your tee, do push-ups properly, show different forms of exercises, then for 60 secs, dance to entertain them, if you use some props as well, then you have made it your way mayne and yes, if you are poor in knowledge, don’t worry, they really don’t care because they are also not good at it. Even if not yet, tell them that you are here to prove yourself because you have achieved nothing in life till yet. Yeah mayne, now you will be definitely hired. And you say it’s easy, are you kidding me?


7: Yes, one more thing, you don’t need to speak much rather just show them your hidden talents such as you like to do “bakwaas, kyunki ye har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi hoti hai” or do some punches/kicks with Vijender bhai. India’s Got Talent, why did you got aired on Colors separately? If you could have just collaborated with Roadies X2 then you would have found the real talents with a Roadie attitude saying Sadda Gang Tyaar Hai.

Come on, this Roadies X2 have pissed off the viewers because it’s not that show which got popular on the basis of what youth ran for the auditions. Its dull, dramatic and high level of boredom. Well, one thing is good in roadies that you will get to ride the Karizma not that Impulse, unlike last season.

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