Ayush Garg AIB Knockout : Gentility Disorder February 6, 2015

Things really got messed up since past few days. A lot had happened for AIB people, their followers, offenders, defenders, social media and ofcourse, YouTube. Lets go little back to the story, December 14, in mid of it, a Roasted Comedy Show was organised by much popular comedy group All India Bakchod. Their panel was really very bright and gave perfect view of stardom which excites more because they had Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Rajeev Masand, Raghu Ram and then, was attended by hot celebs like Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone. Yes, few more to mention but will do it later on my right note. Venue was Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Stadium in Worli, Mumbai, ticket cost was 4000 bucks, not much, I say for Mumbaians and so they collected 40 Lacs for CHARITY as well. Everything seemed perfect and with god’s grace, all went fine, no one knew what all had happened on that 20th Dec except those who attended. Yah, their were buzzes in media that Salman Khan did called them at 2 a.m. to ask them that “How do they dare to insult his family?” but leave that too, lets get to the point that from where the things turned messy? Yes, when AIB Knockout show got aired on YouTube.

The show got aired on YouTube on 28th Jan around 9 p.m., it was in three parts, got around 8 lac views and so, it got into trends on Twitter and Facebook. Lots of appreciation they had received in 24 hrs, youth was tagging their friends on their post and yes, many of them gone mad telling everyone that how good was it is to watch, many websites shared their Knockout Video, websites like scoopwhoop admired them and cherished their so called “Effort” by putting articles on their web, I guess they were applauding their way to bring sarcasm and how perfectly they had used their Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression. But the story doesn’t end here, it is the point from where the story get its start.

Yah, you all Buntys and Bablis, come out of your mindset, which you were pushing it till now because what your friends will say if you tell them you didn’t liked AIB Knockout or you felt ashamed while watching it or at some point of time you were really feeling that ‘bas bhai ab bahaut ho gya, ab to gaali bakna band kar de.’ To be very frank, I actually felt ashamed while watching it, I didn’t felt bad when they were abusing or what they were abusing but I felt just too bad and absurd when they were only doing that, with that offending each of one sitting their, laughing on words like Bastards, blah, blah and blah. Come on dude, you just can’t do anything and everything after saying that “If you feel offended, you may leave right now.” You just can’t do anything by putting a logo of 18+, writing a note of “spoiler alert” and then after messing everything with everyone, you say “we love you all, thank you for having us” and that all formality which I think didn’t suited you after doing that crass. I was not really suprised when I saw different reviews appreciating their so called “Effort”, even several media agencies took out points from it and started telling us that THEY WERE SO REAL. What all was left to be happen in the show was all those genius sitting on that rostrum, taking their pants out and shouting, YEAH WE DID IT and much more abuses with it.

What was real in that? What was sarcasm in that? Yeah, if you say their silly abuses were sarcasm or Arjun pointing his chest towards Deepika to find some fanny or popping mics on the face of Rajeev Masand or making fun of black complexion of Ashish Shakya or Karan Johar telling everyone that ‘this is my position, not yours.’ Was this really hilarious? Was this makes the show worth of? These are just the small points, am making out of it, if I start pointing every note of them, this my note will turn crap, I must say. All India Bakchods needs to settle down because this all shit turned you to make down the Knockout videos from your YouTube channel. And yes, you just can’t gain sympathy by posting a post on your facebook page, justifying yourself, your new way of comedy and ending up saying that “We are also cooperating with the authorities and hope to resume normal service soon. We’d like some sort of cheerful resolution to this so we can focus on more important national issues, like the upcoming Cricket World Cup.” Yes, people had watched it, and all of us know with every click on YouTube, a view gets increase, public was excited to see the comedy, sarcasm and satire but after watching it, they even can’t decline that view so having more views doesn’t mean that its the appreciation or you are accepted, anyway you did it. And I have a question to you “when you think, you did everything right, even you warned everyone before watching it, then why did you removed your knockout videos from YouTube channel and why did you thanked people to not downloading it and putting it on Torrent?” Oh come on, now don’t say that you didnt want any more crap to happen or more controversies so you deleted them, rest you know what I mean.

Infact, All India Bakchod, that Knockout was not a Roasted Comedy Show, that was only Frustrating Absurd Show. You lost your flow, you lost your soul, you lost pre-eminence because you thought you have got everything you desired of to make you whatever you wanna do, Big-Celebs on the rostrum, Hot-Celebs in the audience and that public had already paid you 4000 bucks to get in to see those UGLY speeches by you. You people were that filthily odd that two FIRs were launched against you. Come on, I thought you were broadminded, but I have found you only cheapminded with the fact that your barometer goes like the way that more you are cheaper then more you are sarcastic and then more you are open-minded. Non-sense, isn’t it? These people only know to not to make fun of but to make it that cheaper and cheaper and cheaper that Karan Johar had to tell his position in front of his mom sitting in the audience. By the way, they both were laughing and see what, all of those genius sitting on the rostrum gave standing ovation to Sir Karan, for that proud moment. Shit! Karan, you did tremendously better in Koffee with Karan, even if their was nothing, you atleast had a coffee with you to chill.

You have madness in you, craziness in you and sarcasm in you but that all got lost, once you go cheap and starting insulting each of one. It actually didn’t matter that how many times you come on hangouts or make trends run like #AskAIB to welcome criticism or what rank India holds in downloading a series like Game of Thrones, but all you did was to defame gentility in the country. How did it look like and how it makes you feel when you tell your child when he is growing up that abuses are not the words to use to maintain decorum and then, you are only using Porn-O-Abuses in front of the whole crowd, whole country and desire to earn respect? Many of the people gave you respect, supported you and you thanked all of those people. But was it really fair-enough? And more importantly, if you feel everything is so candour, then why did you wrote in your teaser that watch it with your headphones ON/OFF? Infact, you had lost your base, moreover, after reading this article, many of the media agencies who had supported you in your thick and thin-thin-thin, gonna burst like a Sutli-Bomb, well crackers are already on fire. Dear AIB people, you are knocked out, moreover World Cup is coming, most important National Issue, I think you are serious upon. I wish you had loved to play with bat too, not balls everytime. Rest is Bade-Bade Deshon Me…Choti-Choti Baatein to Hoti Rehti Hain, Senorita. Get Well Soon and Take Care!

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