Have you ever been hacked!! Well if your answer is no, then how are you sure about it? Maybe you are not aware of being hacked. Maybe your data/information was shared, reproduced or even forwarded to anyone, anywhere without you being aware of it.

Yes, the most common and easiest way of hacking is called “Shoulder surfing”. It is a very common and easiest mode of hacking practice, about which people are totally ignorant. Shoulder surfing, a part of Social engineering in the terms of information security people is a very common term used for hacking into another person’s system, laptop or even mobile equipment’s.

Imagine, a sharp guy keeps an eye on your activity, he knows you are listening to music, when you turn out songs he knows what apps you have installed in your laptop. Then your laptop is locked. This guy keeps a close eye on your activity, while all this time you are thinking him to be a random person unaware and unnatural to be considered suspicious. Now is the moment, you take out your laptop and type the password/pattern. Your fingers are registered, the pattern is remembered.

Now, you keep your laptop on the table/shelf unattended for a moment, and here the hacker preys on his victim, whenever he will get the first chance to see your laptop, without you being aware of it, he can unlock it, check what he wants to check, obtain information and put it right back again. Congratulations!!! You are hacked and you don’t have any damn clue about it.

This is quite easy and stealth proof because you will never know the damage, or maybe you can never guess the source of damage. There may be things going wrong around you and you are completely unaware of the fact that it was someone around you who did that. They can access your personal pics, passwords, banking passwords and any information that can be commercially or otherwise utilized. With the advancement of smartphones and everything coming up so easily through mobile apps, has made these devices more vulnerable to this orthodox form of hacking. The biggest risk is being not cautious, people are just not mindful about the fact that there ignorance is the biggest advantage of the hacker. You are hacked because you don’t expect being hacked. Ask any security guy, and the millions of hacking attacks they have to undergo and see every day and face the hard methods these hackers apply to steal our information and confidential data every day.

So what you can do after reading this article is to be firstly, aware about your surroundings, look out for peeps glancing into your screen for no reason, never open/unlock your device in front of anyone who appears harmful. You will never know the real culprit, who robbed you all these times.

Secondly, always keep a strong password, keep changing your password regularly and never write down all your passwords in a single place, imagine the loss if someone gains this treasure box!! Never share your password with anyone, and in case inevitable, change it at the very first opportunity. Never keep single /same password for multiple accounts, the most common mistake people do these days. If someone knows it, he will be trying it on your social media and banking sites and whoops you are robbed. Most of the banks and websites now offer mobile OTP ( One Time Password) authentication, it is really very useful and convenient way to be safe and sure about your login and logout activities.