Ayush Garg India’s Top 10 Influential Women For-ever Times January 25, 2015

The brands we had always gone through, the ads we had always watched out, the products we had always brought through, economy we had always thought of, influence we all have got inside us and behind all this, everything, the names we might knew but didn’t, might be few had. And yes, you are going through the list of No-Masculine Inspirations rather Feminine, these ladies are worth to read for, to make your life, your goals, your dreams a checkout and roll-up you within you. Here It Goes:

1. Chitra Ramakrishna, Joint MD & CEO, National Stock Exchange


Start-up of the Career as Chartered Accountant, then first project under Finance came her way through the IDBI Bank in 1985 then she went with SEBI and returned back to IDBI after 2 years. Honing her financial skills their, she soon found herself as one of the five handpicked by the late SS Nadkarni, who was then IDBI chairman, to set up NSE from scratch leading her way to Forbes Women Leader of the Year in 2013. Also, she is one of the four Indians on the Fortune list of 50 most powerful business women in the world. And with no doubt, she is the leader of hearts of work setting up the landmark with limitless talent and inspiration to each and everyone.

2. Zia Mody, Legal Giant, Managing Partner of AZB & Partners


She is an Indian Legal Consultant and member of Bahai Faith in India. Moreover, she is considered an authority on corporate merger and acquisition law, securities law, private equity and project finance. She was the recipient of Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence as the Business-woman of the Year, 2010 and Financial Express Knowledge Professional of the Year Award. She was listed among the most powerful business woman of India, most powerful CEO of India and took the AZB & Partners firm to an another remarkable giant. And with no doubt, she is the perfect leader in the form of Giant to other professionals to watch-out for and make her inspiration to mark your dreams in coming years.

3. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairperson & MD, Biocon


She is an Indian Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Courageous Learner. She is the chairman and managing director of Biocon Limited and the current chairperson of IIM-Bangalore.In 2014, she was awarded the Othmer Gold Medal, for outstanding contributions to the progress of science and chemistry. She is on the Financial Times’ top 50 women in business list and Time magazine’s 100 Influential People in the world. As of 2014, she is listed as the 92nd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. And with no doubt, with so many up-downs in her life, the only woman among all the batch-mates enrolled in the brewing course, taking herself up without any hesitation and accepting everything coming her way and giving back a solid-punch with her performance makes us to inspire, inspire and inspire.

4. Chanda Kochchar, CEO & MD, ICICI Bank


She is the lady who struggled, succeeded with her hard-work and with the beginning of her steps to fruitful career, started receiving medals/awards like Wockhardt Gold Medal for Excellence in Management Studies as well as the J. N. Bose Gold Medal in Cost Accountancy for highest marks in the same year. She is the recipient of “Retail Banker of the Year” 2004, “Business Woman of the Year” 2005 by Asian Banker. Kochhar is honoured with Padma Bhushan Award, for her services to banking sector in 2010. Name in the lists of Influential People, Powerful People and Business Women of the world is so common and proud for the nation. And with no doubt, she is really a setback for all professionals who want to carry their interests with passion and courtesy, like her name “Chanda”, she is a true power-packed moon, who shines more with the nightfall.

5. Naina Lal Kidwai, President, FICCI & Group General Manager, Country Head, HSBC


She is a Chartered Accountant by profession, is an Indian Banker and Business Executive. She was the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard Business School and also the first woman to guide the functioning of a foreign bank in India. For her praiseworthy work, Naina has also secured many accolades. Naina Lal has secured the distinguished “Padma Shri” award for her contributions in the areas of trade and industry. She has also received ALL Ladies League’s Delhi Women of the Decade Achievers Award 2013 for Excellence in Banking. And with no doubt, holding different positions in various organisations, her graph never came down, accolades and appreciation are just a little factor for her appraisal and infact, she actually make all of us realize that Age is just a number, Talent counts.

6. Mallika Srinivasan, CEO, TAFE


TAFE is today, the third largest tractor manufacturer in the world and second largest in India, by volumes, with presence in over 82 countries; and she is the CEO & Chairperson of TAFE. Moreover, a thought leader and a strategist, recognized for entrepreneurship, commitment to excellence and contribution to Indian agriculture machinery business and academia. And so she has received several accolades and awards counting as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young; Woman Leader of the Year award by Forbes India; recognized by Forbes Asia as one of the Top 50 Asian Power Businesswomen; ranked second among India’s Most Powerful Women in Business by Fortune India and named among the six Most Powerful Women of India Inc. by Business Today, while the Asian Business Leadership Forum (ABLF) honored her with the ABLF Woman of Power Award. Is it ended? Not yet, a huge list continues with the fact of true inspiration to all the fellas out there.

7. Anjali Gopalan, Human Rights Activist, NAZ Founder


She is an Indian Human Rights and Animal Rights Activist, Founder and Executive Director of The Naz Foundation (India) Trust, an NGO dedicated to the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic in India mainly focused on women and children. In 2012, Time magazine placed her in its list of the 100 most influential people in the world and she has been called as ‘People of the Year” by Limca Book of Records. She is a true giver, a philanthropist, social activist, social worker and highly active related to causes. And with no doubt, secured many of the accolades and awards, she is an achiever, motivational-guru and a true heartthrob for the nation.

8. Arundhatti Bhattacharya, Chairperson, SBI


An Indian Banker, the first woman to be the Chairperson of State Bank of India.In 2014, she was named the 36th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. In the same year, she was ranked among the FP Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine. Starting her career from Probationary Officer taking to the different positions of foreign exchange, treasury, retail operations, human resources and investment banking requires patience, courage, hard-work and stability; With no doubt, she has it all which made her to acquire the chair to her name, as a team-player, an inspiration to all minds and dreams.

9. Vinita Bali, MD & CEO, Britannia


A graduate from LSR College for Women, Delhi University took her step out of the window and see what had happened, she turned out to be a charmer for the food industry, happens for the givers. Her career started from Voltas for the launch of Rasna taking it to the call of Cadbury for 14 years. She then joined Coke, during her nine years at Coke, she also worked as Vice President of Corporate Strategy. And taking her orientation to final destination i.e. Britannia with the positions, firstly CEO and later MD, her dreams, her booming power and her wow factor never felt dull. With no doubt, she has an impact to all the food entrepreneurs and every-one wanna make her as face of their organisation to lead, to dominate and to power the market. With her overwhelming work in the field of nutrition, in 2011 Forbes named her on its list of “Asia’s 50 Power Business-women.”

10. Kirthika Reddy, Head, Facebook India


Professionally Computer Engineer, An Indian businesswoman who is a director of Online Operations and Head of Office India at Facebook. She is the first-ever Indian employee of Facebook. She had worked with companies such as Silicon Graphics, Motorola and Phoenix Technologies and so, she had secured various accolades & awards in her field. In 2011, she became Fortune India’s Top 50 Most Powerful Women of India and the voice of Youth, of our Ages. With no doubt, she is a explorer, an engineer, MBA, MS as well, and hold the beats to inspire the generation with workaholic nature and ‘miles to go’ attitude.

And with the last note, I guess, you are counting your goals, aiming for a resolution, and then next you see, another year, a happy new year. Just kidding, go for your dreams, hit your goals and I wish you never need a penalty-shootout to rise like a Star.

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