kinshuk Saxena France: The European Forecourt January 22, 2015

My latest visit to South France was a majestical experience last November. The sphere here has a different story, and through this article I would like to share my experience and some essentials, which one should know while in France.


While the public transportation which comprise of buses is quite cheap, usually around 1 euro for local places, a chauffeur driven cab can cost you a large amount of money. It is advisable to use public transport as much as possible. The buses are available from early morning till 11 in the night from local bus stations; the buses are all on time and in rare case may be late for at the most by 5 minutes. Local people also prefer buses because it is a safe and cheap mode of transport.

In the southern part of France, the weather is mostly pleasant around the year, in the main cities of Nice, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence the roads are well connected, not noisy and very well connected.

Night Life:

Life in France is well managed; you will rarely find shops open after 8 in the night, and however some local malls and high street coffee shops remain open till late night, but it is mostly a bad scene for all night shoppers. Night clubs are very easily accessible but they usually start late in night with crowd coming up late in the nights. In France all things are accustomed to happen on specific days, like local markets, night clubs, public gatherings etc. So better have clear view of the place you are going to visit well in advance. There are night clubs strictly for couple entry, theme based night clubs, specific ethnic clubs and African clubs as well, which are really very famous amongst the people. Here you can find the food throughout the night in local stores and coffee shops.10304791_10202081656282735_1650306085910848805_n


French cuisine is no doubt one of the best cuisines in the world, whether it is presentation, taste or quality of food, French are really possessive about what they eat and serve. French wine and bagget (the French bread) is part of the staple French food, while chicken, duck, beef and various local birds form the main barbeque of the French culinary. Tapenade, a crushed olive spice prepared specially from manual process of crushing black olives in between big rolling crushers is quite a famous food product in the Mistral belt of south France and is preferred with lunch and beef throughout the nation. Wine, made of Syrah grapes, in the traditional French style has its own taste; you can get a local wine from as low as 2 euro a bottle and ranging up to 1500 euro per bottle based upon the taste, process, quality of grape and the age of the bottle. Different French Provinces produce different kinds of wines under the name of their countryside towns, chateau (castles) etc. just to commemorate their glorious past and the practice of making finest quality of the wine.