Ashish Rana Top 10 most awaited movies of 2015 January 20, 2015

Movies, which are either sequel or prequel qualify for this list of top awaited movies of 2015, as people are familiar with them and many are fans of them, and they watch the series, whenever it comes.

1.  Avengers: Age of Ultron

This is the movie that most people are waiting eagerly to watch in 2015. Its prequel ‘The Avengers’ was a big hit and ranked top 3 among the top grossing movies in the history. Looking at its awesome trailer, it is clear that it can be the biggest hit in history as Avengers fans are eagerly waiting for it. P.S. Don’t watch its trailer otherwise you will be dying to watch the movie.

Release:  April

2.  Furious 7

First thing that comes to our mind when we think about Fast & Furious is Paul Walker. This is actor’s last movie and his supporters are not going to miss that. And also by looking at the trailer it seems a full pack of action, cars and music. And yes, another star joined this movie’s league of superstars and he is Jason Statham  (Salman Bhai of Hollywood).

Release: 3 April

3.  Terminator Genisys

The world is again going to be saved by a robot from future, Arnie is back with the fifth installment his super hit action movie series ‘The Terminator’. Fans are waiting for an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie from long time. His couple of previous movies Expandable 3 and Escape Plan failed to impress the fans, So it is the new hope of action for Arnie fans. Hasta La Vista Baby!

Release: 1 July

4.  Spectre (Bond 24)

The twenty fourth movie in the Bond series featuring Daniel Craig is going to be serious thriller. This movie features the hotty Monica Bellucci and Academy award winner Christoph Waltz as villian. Every movie from this classic series is always awaited by the fans.

Release: 6 November

5. Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max returned after 30 years and this one is fourth installment of Mad Max series after Mad Max in 1985. Movie is based on post-apocalypto theme featuring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. It is a good combination of action, thriller and yeah, the rough modified cars would take your heart away.

Release: 15 May

6. Minions

They are super cute and funny. This movie is a kind of prequel to the Despicable Me and it is just about the Minions and their adventures. The trailer is very funny and make the fans confident that this is going to be the excellent animated comedy.

Release: 10 July

7.  Jurassic World

The fourth installment of Jurassic Park series is set to thrill the audiences once again. The sci-fi movies is packed with good animation and action and its trailer made sure that the fans would enjoy the same amount of thrill as they enjoyed in its prequels.

Release: 12 June

8.  Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

The seventh installment in the blockbuster Star Wars series released after 10 years from its last installment. Star Wars got fans from every age, kids, teenage, young and old. It is the most favorite sci-fi movie of all time and no offense that everyone wants a new Star Wars movie.

Release Date: 18 December

9.  Mission: Impossible 5

The Tom Cruise starred action spy series Mission: Impossible is back again with its fifth installment. It prequel Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol was a big success and Tom Cruise again wants to rock the box office with his super stunts.

Release: 25 December

10.  Taken 3

We are not talking about the fighting game Tekken 3 we used to play in our childhood. Taken 3 is the third and last part of Liam Neeson starred hit series Taken. The thriller is one of the best and its trailer left the fans craving for the movie’s release.

Release: 9 January

Note: Release dates can vary country to country.

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