Ashish Rana Study Abroad Destination: European Union January 13, 2015

India again ranked lowest, this time 50th in the Higher Education Rankings by Universitas 21. Due to this, large number of students want to go abroad to pursue high quality education.

USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand are among top most favorite spots to study abroad. No doubt that they have good quality education system, and the most important, that they are English speaking countries. when we mention Europe later on this article, please exclude UK from it.

But they have high tuition fees, and are not affordable  to students from middle class families. So, Europe is emerging as the new hot destination to study abroad. It has a good and diverse education system, low or absolutely no tuition fees, low living expenses, exchange programs, no borders and good economy in many countries. I think it is more than enough to offer for students looking to study in a tight budget.


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In most of the Europe tuition fees is very less, and in some countries Like Germany, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Estonia, there is no tuition fees even for international students. There are few others universities in other European countries, which offers free tuition to international students. You just need to spend some time on internet. Lets continue to discuss about finances, cost of living in Europe is very low as compared to mainstream destinations. Living expenditure in Europe ranges from INR 50,000 per month (Germany and France) to INR 20,000 per month (Estonia, Belgium and Portugal).

Surely these mainstream destinations have good quality of education but European Union is also a equal competitor in the race. And they all envy European Union when it comes to Erasmus exchange programs, in simple terms, you can study a semester or a year in a partner university across the Europe under exchange program. This helps students to get a multi-cultural and international study experience.


Study in Europe have a special perk for travelers, the Schengen area, in which anyone with a visa for a Schengen country can roam and travel easily within the 26 Schengen member countries without border checks and without additional visa. So, go study and explore!!

When it comes to the job prospects, many European economies like Germany, Austria and Sweden can outrun the economies of main stream study destinations. But there is a little problem with Europe, you can study in English but to work you need to have good knowledge of local language. Local language is mandatory to boost your chance to get a job  whether part-time or full-time. So, it is almost necessary to learn local language side by side with your studies and it will be enough. And almost all universities provide local language courses free of cost to every student.

When it comes to your work life, Europe have a very good work-life balance. Countries like Denmark, Sweden and Germany are among top countries with excellent work-life balance.

Make you move before things change!

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